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Outlining Tips for a Classification Essay – 2021

Classification is a process in which different subjects have the same feature and are grouped together. A classification essay is a kind of essay in which different groups are created and different items are placed in them. After grouping, different points are made about them. In this essay, the writer uses different examples to explain the points in different groups. It also includes the explanation of why you have chosen the specific group over the others.

You can ask to best essay writing service in usa on the writing websites and companies to get a customized classification essay. Similarly, you can write a classification essay if you know the steps and the outline of the classification essay. The steps of the classification essay are as follows:

  • First of all, decide what you want to classify. While deciding what you will classify in the paper, be creative.

  • Select the position range in which classification can be done. There should be balanced classifications in the paper. Classifications should neither be too many nor too few. The obvious classification should never be missed.

  • You should be able to describe why a certain point belongs to the specific group. It will be determined in the essay how the classification of different items proves your point.


An outline provides proper structure and organization to your essay. It is the planning of an essay that shows how different ideas and arguments will be fixed in the essay. Just like the outline of other essays, the outline of a classification essay has three important elements i.e. introduction, the main body of the essay, and the conclusion.


The essay topic should be described in the introduction with an impressive opening statement. Be specific and particular about your topic as you write down your essay. A good essay writer is one who knows how to attract audiences. An introduction to the classification essay should have the following things:

Provide the readers with information about different items and ideas which are going to classify.

  • Describe the subjects which are difficult to classify.

  • Develop your thesis statement. The whole essay revolves around the thesis statement.  It should explain the classification of the item and the larger expression of that item.

  • Explain a sport to the items which have been classified.

Do not make your introduction too wordy. It should be simple and concise as this part of the essay attracts the audience towards the essay. You can also get help from essay writing service cheap websites. 

Body Paragraph

Every category or group which you mentioned in the thesis statement must have its body paragraph. Proof the validity of each category by using multiple numbers of facts and supporting evidence. The body paragraph should follow the following steps:

The body paragraph must start with the topic sentence which explains the theme of the paragraph.

The evidence and facts which support the specific category must be explained in detail.

Explain the reasons for placing different items in specific groups or categories.

Elaborate on how your classification of different items can be justified. Prove that you have placed the items in the correct category or group.

Each paragraph must be linked with the other by maintaining the flow of ideas and points.


The classification essay concludes with an emphasis on the main points of the essay. At the start of the concluding paragraph, restate your thesis statement. It should start from a specific point and lead to a broader topic. All important points or the ideas which have been discussed in the essay should be included in the conclusion. Do not add those ideas in the essay which are not discussed in the whole essay. You can add implications of the topic and recommendations regarding it in the concluding paragraph.

However, if you have weak writing skills, consult the essay writing service.

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